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Cupac® packaging

This can has four flat, round shaped sides that are suitable for marking or sticking adhesive labels. It is made of high density polypropylene (HDPE). Because of the spherical shape, the pressure is distributed evenly over all surfaces, making it rigid in any product and any temperature. As a result, it can be used for heat treating processes without defermation.
It can be supplied with the corresponding JackCap® seal (safety).

These Cupacs can be stacked very easily since the tops and bottoms suit perfectly and firmly together.
Thanks to their small size, the stacking on a pallet won’t be a problem.

The Cupacs are mainly used by the Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Petrol industry. But companies who want to bring their products in an exclusive design on the market, this can is also very popular.

  • Capacity 5 liters width 191mm height 201mm
  • Capacity 10 liters width 243 mm height 254 mm
  • Cupacs of 3 liters in our range – on request
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